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Run, Obama, Run!

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This community is for the purposes of discussing and/or supporting the 2008 presidential campaign of Barack Obama, the 2008 presidential election in general as it pertains to Barack Obama, etc.

Barack Obama is a junior Senator from the State of Illinois. He is currently serving his second term in the United States Senate, and on February 10th, 2007 announced his intent to seek the Democratic Party's nomination as the Democratic candidate for the 2008 presidential election.

The entry of Barack Obama into the 2008 presidential race is an historic occasion; Obama may be the first black candidate to have a viable shot at receiving the nomination of the Democratic Party as their candidate for the 2008 presidency.

If you'd like to learn more about Senator Obama, the below two links may be helpful:

The official website for Barack Obama's presidential campaign can be found here.

Barack Obama's official page for his office in the United States Senate is here.

Posting to this community links to news articles, editorials, scholarly and academic articles, press releases, and other relevant sites, links, and communities is encouraged. Yes, posting of icons and journal banners, headers, etc. is perfectly okay, but please put them behind a LJ cut. Offenders will be scourged with the flayed skin of Karl Rove.

Extensive analysis, intellectualism, and overly academic writing are welcomed. We're not afraid of big words like "antidisestablismentarianism" here.

Below are the rules of this community. Breaking them gets you warned once, then banned on the second offense, with the exception of trolls and violators of rule #4. Trolls will be ban hammered on first sighting. Violators of rule #4 will get the same immediate ban hammer treatment. The moderator(s) reserve the right to ban anyone at any time if, in the judgement of the moderator(s), a member's conduct on the community is deemed unduly disruptive and/or a huge time suck for the moderator(s). The moderator(s) also may pre-emptively ban people with a demonstrated record of hate speech, trolling, and/or other types of disruptive behavior on other LJ communities. A moderator's judgement in all of the above referenced matters is final. The moderator(s) may, upon request, explain their reasons for warning or banning someone, but please note a moderator is under no obligation to explain his or her actions, in part due to time contraints (i.e., the moderator(s) has/have a life away from LJ, and would like to be able to live it).

Here are the rules of this community. By posting here, whether as a community member or not, you agree to abide by them, or risk banning.

The Golden Rules of Conduct:

1. No hate speech. Period. No insulting people based on their race, professed sexual orientation, ethnic affiliation, liberalism, religion, etc. Call someone a "nigger" here and you're banned, period. (However, if you're discussing the history of significance of "nigger" as a racial epithet, it's acceptable to refer to the term.)

That being said, the inherent nature of political debate is such that people may react passionately to what you have to say. There will no doubt be opinions expressed here that are reflective of the entire political spectrum. You may regard someone's response to you as inflammatory or unacceptable, but the moderator(s) may take a different view; people will not be coddled here. Political debate can get heated at times, and we're not going to squash that.

2. Try to stay on track. This isn't the community to make your personal stand against the "Judeo-Masonic conspiracy," against feminism, against the Animal Liberation Front, or to extoll the superior virtues of the white race. Likewise, if you're a pedophile or ephebophile, go away.

3. Members will treat each other with courtesy. Vigorous debate is fine, discussion is encouraged, but meltdowns, ad hominem attacks, and namecalling will get you banned.

4. Vigorous discussion of a topic is fine, and is encouraged. Flaming is not. When attacks get personal, you may find yourself banned quickly. The same goes for repeated displays of passive aggressive behavior and comments.

5. No posting graphics or images of disturbing or sexually explicit content, including but not limited to pornography, nudity, gore, dead or mutilated human beings, abused animals, dead animals, animals in distress, or that idiotic image macro showing a Russian about to club a baby seal. If you're confused about this rule, go spend some time on rotten.com. If it's there, it's probably not okay here. What are you, twelve?

6. Members that display a tenuous grasp of spelling and/or grammar will probably be roundly mocked. They may also be warned and banned, in order to preserve the sensibilities of members that know the difference between "your" and "you're." If you can't bother to observe the rules of initial capitalization, contractions, and appropriate use of commas, don't post here. Period.

7. You may post images here, but not in excess of 600 x 600 pixels. If an image exceeds 300 x 300 pixels, it MUST be put behind a labeled LJ cut. Clear? The image must be relevant to the stated purpose of the community. In other words, pull a Perez Hilton here and you'll get a warning.

8. Save your amateur photoshopped 4chan-ish stuff for other more appropriate communities.

9. If you're stupid enough to ever threaten someone's physical wellbeing here, you'll get banned immediately and reported to LJ.

10. If you see a discussion getting out of control or a flame war breaking out, don't hesitate to contact the moderator.

11. If you want to promote another community here, please get permission from a moderator before doing so.

12. Finally, any moderator reserves the right to delete off topic posts, trollish posts, and, if necessary, comments that violate rule #4. We'd prefer to NEVER have to use that option, but there may be rare cases where posts and comments in violation of the rules may be deleted, particularly if they violate rule #4.

13. Citing of sources to support your argument is not required(we're not writing a research paper here, after all), but it is encouraged. Having an opinion is good, and having an informed opinion is better. But don't think we don't want to hear what you have to say if you don't have a headline to back it up!

The moderators of this community are kali921 and opmegs. If you need to reach the moderators, please e-mail the following address: run_obama_mods[AT]yahoo.com. You may also leave a comment on kali921's journal HERE as a last resort, but please try e-mailing first.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact the moderator. If you're interested in helping moderate the community, please let me know; we're looking for a few good people.

Finally, enjoy yourselves!
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